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Primavera 83 takes care of and manages public and private gardens in the south of Sardinia

Primavera 83 takes care of and manages public and private gardens in the south of Sardinia

The social cooperative in Cagliari has developed a modus operandi that pays great attention to the workers.

Homes by the sea, large company gardens, public gardens are only some of the green areas looked after by Primavera 83, a social cooperative that for 36 years has supplied services for the management of plants, flower beds and the green turf of the Cagliari area and not only.

Sardinia is a land where nature is the protagonist and there is never a shortage of public and private spaces used for the growth of Mediterranean scrub and other plant species. Just as there are many owners of homes by the sea that require specific assistance throughout all the year, especially in the winter months. Primavera 83’s gardeners and technicians give assistance to those who cannot constantly follow the fate of the lawn and the hedges and in this way guarantees the health of their garden and ensure its use in the summer months. “We work closely with the owners of the homes on the south east and south west coasts of the island who, more often than not, are citizens of other countries,” said Maria Grazia Patrizi, president of Primavera 83, “In addition to the Sardinians and the Italians who love Sardinia, our clients include Dutch, Germans and Russians, an international audience that answers the region’s touristic vocation”.

But how does the planning for the management of the green of homes by the sea work?  “Where there is a green lawn,” explained Roberto Marras the cooperative’s technical director “a timed schedule for the mowing, trimming the hedges, care of the villa’s furnishings and the tidying up of the paths is prepared. As far as the pruning is concerned, we intervene to restore a harmonious shape to the plants such as shrubs and high trees.” “In the case of the shrubs that remain low, the pruning requires a higher frequency considering that they are often used as a barrier for maintaining the fence,” said Marras.

Primavera 83 supplies consultancy for the total management of the creation of public and private green areas by collaborating with the sector’s other experts. For example, the planning of a green space involves architects, draftsmen, workers, agricultural technicians and professional figures who come together to create in the best way possible the client’s desire. “Today,” explained Primavera 83’s president Maria Grazia Patrizi, “the client is much more demanding, he or she likes to have a say and is often competent and informed. Preparation is the foundation of our work”.

It is thanks to this very knowledge of the subject that Primavera 83 was able to provide an answer to a voracious parasite that struck Sardinia’s palm trees, the red palm weevil. This insect alighted on the plant, created a hole to place the eggs and the larvae ate the plant from within, slowly taking away its life’s essence. “We intervene by producing insecticides prepared by our specialist technicians who have a license to purchase and use of pesticides” emphasized Roberto Marras. The procedure is long and constant and must be followed until the insect has been eradicated.

Primavera 83’s purpose is not only economic but also social. In fact, the cooperative was founded in 1983 with the aim of restoring hope for integration in the work world to people who had taken the wrong road in life. “Giving back dignity to who was less fortunate was our strength in all these years. We were able to develop a major virtuous circle from both the social and the economic points of view by training many people in the trade of gardener and in other specific roles”.

The positive involvement on the territory of Primavera 83 that over the years has collaborated with the social reinsertion institutions and, at the same time, ensured the market standard in the care and management of public and private gardens.

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